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Tanzania Federation of Cooperatives (TFC) and Wakandi Tanzania last year launched a program called ASDP II to improve the financial management capacity of Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) leaders. Wakandi will provide education on a modern digital system to establish Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) in each AMCOS, increasing access to commercial funds for farmers who are members. Wakandi will enable AMCOS to manage loans, transactions, and membership operations to benefit the program. Here's a close look at what the program will do for the AMCOS members:

  1. Increased bargaining power: By working together, farmers in AMCOS can negotiate better prices for their products and access better markets. With a larger supply of goods, AMCOS can negotiate with buyers to secure better prices, terms and conditions for farmers. This improves the income of the individual farmers and helps to secure their livelihoods.

  2. Access to credit: AMCOS can pool their resources and leverage their collective assets to access credit from financial institutions. This is particularly important in areas where individual farmers may not have collateral to secure loans. By working together, AMCOS can secure credit for inputs and equipment, allowing them to increase their productivity and profits.

  3. Improved inputs and services: Through AMCOS, farmers can access better quality inputs and services at lower prices. This includes improved seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and other inputs, as well as training on best agriculture practices. By sharing resources, farmers can improve the overall quality of their production, reduce waste, and increase their yields.

  4. Collective risk management: AMCOS can also help farmers manage risks related to climate, disease, and other factors that can impact their productivity. By working together, they can share information on best practices for managing risks and can pool resources to mitigate the effects of disasters.

    In conclusion, the ASDP II program will be a game-changer for AMCOS in Africa, helping to improve the income, productivity, and overall well-being of farmers. By working together, farmers can leverage their collective power to secure better prices, access credit, improve their inputs and services, and manage risks.