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Wakandi pushes vision forward, bids farewell to name CAMS in rebrand

Wakandi launched the Credit Association Management System (CAMS) as a financial management system for cooperatives in 2022. CAMS aims to digitalize management and accounting processes for cooperatives and microfinance institutions. Today, we shape a new way of bringing equal financial opportunities in Africa by announcing a rebrand.  

Since the launch, our digital system has been referred to as the Wakandi system. Our team too affectionately refers it to as Wakandi. In recognition of the strong bond with this name, we decided to drop ‘CAMS’ as the name of our system. We officially recognize the system as simply ‘Wakandi’ or ‘the Wakandi App.’ 


Our commitment to the rebrand 

This name change represents our commitment to becoming a household name in Africa when it comes to bridging finance and technology. At its core, Wakandi will become synonymous with financial innovation for cooperative societies. It also reflects our desire to make SACCO management easy, effective, and error-free. By leveraging technology, we aim to revolutionize how SACCOs operate, contributing to the financial well-being of communities in Africa. 

Addressing this strategic rebranding move, Stian Andreassen, Chief Product Officer at Wakandi says, “Changing the name to Wakandi aligns it with our company identity, enhancing our brand presence in the market.” 

The rollout of the new name and identity has already started and you will see it on our websites, emails, social media posts, and other communications. We will continue our efforts to offer our stakeholders a valued and consistent experience.  

About Wakandi  

Wakandi is an innovative and fast-paced fintech company founded in Norway in 2018. Wakandi empowers the informal economy with technology to bring equal financial opportunities for all.  

Working towards becoming a global leader in fostering financial equality, Wakandi has started its journey in digitalizing cooperatives and microfinance institutions in Africa by providing a platform that connects them to the vast formal financial world.