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We are excited to announce that Wakandi and Sanlam Life Insurance (U) Ltd. have come under a strategic partnership to launch the life insurance service for cooperative societies in Uganda.  

On 28th June 2024, Espen Kvelland, CEO of Wakandi Group AS and Gary V Corbit, CEO of Sanlam Life Insurance (U) Ltd., signed the agreement to expand life insurance service in the country. The partnership will enable us to improve access to life insurance services for many underserved cooperatives.   

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Making a positive impact 

With this partnership, we aim to reach numerous cooperatives in Uganda and potentially benefit thousands of members who don’t have access to insurance services. We will be able to: 

  • Boost the idea of long-term financial planning amongst cooperatives 
  • Mitigate the financial impact on the members in case of unexpected life events 
  • Bring affordable financial products and services to every corner of the country 
  • Offer innovative solutions to cooperatives with the power of technology     

Here is what we and Sanlam feel about this strategic partnership: 

"We're excited to work with Sanlam in Uganda, building on our experiences in Tanzania. This partnership aligns with our goal of improving access to financial services for those who need them the most." - Espen Kvelland, CEO of Wakandi Group AS. 


"Sanlam Life Insurance (U) Ltd. is proud to be collaborating with such a vibrant and far-sighted partner as Wakandi. Our vision for Uganda is remarkably similar, our methodology is identical, and our commitment to customers is absolute. This is an exciting initiative with an innovative business model. This is the future today!" - Gary V Corbit, CEO of Sanlam Life Insurance (U) Ltd.

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Moving ahead 

This partnership means a significant milestone for us as a growing fintech organization. With our experience with Sanlam in Tanzania, we aim to leap into Uganda enhancing our product offerings and expanding our reach further in the East African region.