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More than 1.2 million boda boda riders are working to provide transport and delivery services in Kenya. It is estimated that every rider makes 15 rides on average a day to fulfil their jobs and to earn bread and butter for their families or pay for their bike insurance.  

Most riders take out some time daily to collect their earnings as part of savings. They meet at a particular place and deposit contributions to their SACCO. Although it is quite important for them, meeting daily may lead to lesser rides and ultimately lesser income.  

Moreover, the fuel expense and traffic hassles can make things worse. There must be a solution that your boda boda SACCO can use to digitize this and make things easier for the riders.  

Empowering Boda Boda SACCOs

As your SACCO might face these challenges, we aim to empower you with the help of technology and digital systems. We are working to offer CAMS Starter as an online solution to digitize your day-to-day operations.  

CAMS Starter will be a mobile-based financial app that will help you and the riders to: 

  • Make daily contributions and buy shares through their mobile wallets  
  • Apply for loans using the app 
  • Check their balances and get updates on their finances  

The app is specially designed for SACCO admins to manage their day-to-day operations: 

  • Automatically generate contributions and loan report 
  • No need for manual calculations of loan interests and total deposits 
  • Managing member data becomes easy  
  • Create member policy to manage member actions 
  • Create saving and loan products digitally so members can view them in the app and use them

CAMS Starter could be the way to go for you to help bring your SACCO online. You will be able to manage your operations through the app and the riders will be able to pay through the app, which means – no missed rides and more income 

If you are looking for such a solution to digitize your Boda Boda SACCO, you can join the waitlist for CAMS Starter by clicking the link below.  

Join CAMS Starter Waitlist 

Joining the waitlist will make you among the first SACCOs to onboard the system when it is launched. You can also reach out to us to get more information about the system, we will be happy to discuss it.