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We at Wakandi are excited to announce that we have been granted the Electronic Transaction Certificate, from the licensing body – The National Information Technology Authority-Uganda. The license allows us to not only operate our system inside Uganda, but also to connect to the different MNO (Mobile Money Operators). Basically, it means we will soon be open for business and start out our first pilots in Uganda. 

All these services will be offered by Wakandi’s technology platform, better known as Credit Association Management System (CAMS). The Ugandan market is an extremely interesting market for us because of the strong position of Cooperatives. Our pricing model has been very well received in the early meetings in the market and we are looking forward to our engagement in Uganda. 

Once CAMS services will be rolled out for cooperative societies across Uganda, it will enable them to utilize their existing phones for seamless and secure online transaction system. Later we will also be supporting bank integrations in Uganda.  

We invite all Cooperatives that wants to be part of our first customers that will be taken live to contact us here