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COVID-19 may hit Africa harder than expected and we must support governments and societies to contain the virus. With an aim to achieve that, ‘Hack Africa’ hackathon has been organized by African Innovation Week for innovative ideas and solutions to curb effects of the crisis. Numerous companies have participated in the event to ideate and come up with a real solution to fight against COVID-19.  

Wakandi is one of the proud participants and also among the top 10 participants in the hackathon. Wakandi has qualified the first and second round and moved towards the final rounds where the final submission will happen. The winning team will get a chance to meet organizations and investors interested in their solution.

The team submitted the idea of a DLT-based system that can be used by informal financial groups (IFGs) in Africa to make faster, secure, and more transparent transactions. The system can solve various issues faced by these groups in terms of storing value, record-keeping and more. The system can not only improve how IFGs operate but also impact millions of people who seek financial services from these groups. 

Being an innovation-driven company, Wakandi believes technology can play a critical role in the fight against the virus. This event comes as a great opportunity for all the teams to share and build innovative solutions to curb its effects. Wakandi is obliged to be a part of the hackathon and show what technology is capable of.    

About the hackathon 

Hack Africa has been organized by African Innovation week in collaboration with Innovation Norway. The duration of the hackathon is from 14th May to 16th May 2020. The event focuses on three main challenges:

  1. How do we streamline essential services?
  2. How do we help businesses survive lock-downs and an economic downturn?
  3. How do we enable education to continue?

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