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Wakandi organized Blockchain Conference 2020 in association with Hegnar Media

What began as an underlying technology for Bitcoin, blockchain is now spreading across multiple industries! A lot of things are happening in the blockchain space with more milestones are being achieved every day. New and innovative solutions are being developed and projects are reaching production-ready versions with real users exploring it. Blockchain is now touted as a technology that can revolutionize services by bringing in numerous possibilities. Wakandi sponsored this year’s blockchain conference to explore such possibilities with Norway’s leading blockchain experts.

Organized by Hegnar Media AS, the conference was themed ‘Practical use of blockchain’ and featured how the Distributed Ledger Technology is being used in real-life projects. The conference had a lot about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), exciting DLT-based projects, and last but not the least – and also our favourite, the Wakandi solution. 

As it happened

The conference got off the mark when Lasse Meholm, Member of the Advisory Board of Wakandi, welcomed the guests with a speech. He expressed his views on how blockchain as a technology can disrupt multiple industries with great enthusiasm. 

Soon after the welcome speech, presenters were invited on the podium to showcase their innovative solution. Our very own CEO, Espen Moen Kvelland took the stage to tell the audience about Wakandi. He described what the infrastructure is all about and how it aims to be a secure and transparent financial platform for banks in Africa. He continued to explain how DLT is a fitting technology to power what the platform has to offer, and how collaboration with banks is a key strategy to move ahead.

Speakers presented their solutions and shared their inspiring journeys of bringing the solution to life. There were discussions at length about Facebook’s Libra and how CBDCs + blockchain is a worthy opportunity for the governments.  

The speeches and presentations were followed by a quick round where attendees got to interact personally with the speakers. We also got a chance to discuss more on our solution with the people at our stand.

It was a very interesting and educational day for everybody. We were pleased to have so many great discussions with the participants. We are already looking forward to the upcoming conferences and hear about further development in the blockchain space. 

What is the Wakandi solution?

Wakandi provides a DLT-based infrastructure for banks as well as financial institutions to transfer value and share data. By connecting them on the network, Wakandi creates a seamless way for them to transact. In addition, it creates a hub of financial data that can be used to create better products and services.