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Wakandi is delighted to have the opportunity to sign an MoU with Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Tanzania to provide our solution to various SACCOs in the region. Together with Halvetas, we will solve different challenges that women and youth face in Tanzania. 

Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation is a Swiss development organization aiming to alleviate poverty and bring real change for disadvantaged people in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. They have 18000 members across Tanzania. 

Helvetas is active in various working domains: education, water, food and climate, jobs, and gender and social equity. In addition to rural areas, they also focus on urban development, working for young women and men. They have initiated numerous projects to empower women and men and reduce poverty. Some of their popular projects are:

  • YES – Youth Employment through Skills Enhancement
  • Save Safe Food – Hifadhi Nafaka Salama
  • Empowering women and youth in horticulture production and marketing (KIBOWAVI) 
Helvetas Projects
Credit: HELVETAS / Simon Opladen 2019
Helvetas Project
Credit: HELVETAS / Simon Opladen 2019

We at Wakandi are proud to be involved with such a life-changing organisation, and we are excited for what lies ahead!

Wakandi for a Solution

Wakandi offers a unique digital solution that aims to provide thousands of SACCOs with the power of technology. With Wakandi, these financial groups can deposit their contributions and avail loans through their mobile devices. They can also manage various admin-related functions like:

  1. Add or remove members from the group
  2. Create loans products with ease
  3. Maintain transaction records digitally
  4. Digitalize their existing manual processes

We are going to provide our solution to members of SACCOs and VSLAs across the Southern Highlands of Tanzania in collaboration with Helvetas. This collaboration will have a three-fold benefit:

People in Tanzania can use digital technologies to become financially included and accelerate their journey towards a better future. 

Helvetas can speed up their efforts in uplifting women and youth in Tanzania who are financially excluded.

At Wakandi, we will be able to leverage the full potential of technology and offer better solutions to the community. It will also help us to progress towards our goals and vision.

Wakandi’s Key Account Manager and Co-founder, Sele Mduda feels highly optimistic about how Wakandi can boost financial inclusion for women and youth. He says, “Wakandi will speed up the inclusion of informal financial groups into the formal way.”

As Wakandi signs the MoU with Helvetas, we now aim to move ahead with the collaboration and offer our system to the members. Getting onboard, the financially excluded in Tanzania will embark upon their journey towards digital transformation.