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Wakandi achieves another milestone by receiving the TCRA services license

We are excited to announce that we have received the National Application Services License from Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA). We now hold a stronger position in Tanzania to offer financial services and contribute to the informal economy. In the picture, Sele Mduda in Wakandi Tanzania, holding the license.

National Application Services License is a substantial license that TCRA offers. According to TCRA’s Licensing guidelines, “This licence authorizes reselling or procurement of services from Network Service operators. Examples are internet providers, virtual mobile provider, payphone services, PSTN, public cellular services, IP telephony, public payphone service, and public switched data service.”

What does this license mean for Wakandi?

Receiving this license from TCRA is a major step on our journey towards bringing a completely cashless experience. It marks a significant milestone for the Wakandi team. This license will help us launch our system in different regions in Tanzania and offer better services in the financial sector.

Celebrating this achievement, Terje Width, COO of Wakandi, says, “Another big milestone achieved as we celebrate Wakandi receiving the license from TCRA – Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority. This is a significant breakthrough for the team in our ambition to become a key contributor for enhancing financial inclusion in Tanzania and across the African continent.” He also adds, “With the TCRA license in place, Wakandi is very well positioned to engage in a market that counts millions of potential customers in Tanzania alone.”

It is also an achievement for the team as we managed to obtain the license in these unprecedented times of COVID-19. As Espen Kvelland says, “When everyone else slowed down, we sped up.”  

We would also like to thank the officials of TCRA for their cooperation and support throughout the process. 

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Moving forward

At Wakandi, we aim to boost digital transformation in Africa. We are right on our mission to offer a cashless experience for millions of people in Tanzania with CAMS. We have already launched our system onboarding a prominent SACCO in Tanzania. As we move further, thousands of SACCOs in Tanzania can use CAMS to digitize their daily operations and transactions.  

Obtaining this license was a dream for Wakandi, which we have fulfilled. We are now better and stronger than before to work towards our goal of a digitally transformed economy.