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Our CEO Espen talks about banking the unbanked in a podcast with Fintechpodden

As Wakandi moves ahead on its way to offer cashless experience in Africa, we feel excited about the recognition we receive from the industry. Recently, our CEO, Espen Kvelland was invited for an interview in the latest episode of Fintechpodden.   

Fintechpodden is a podcast about innovation in the technology and finance world. The podcast aims to spread information and knowledge about the rapid development happening in the Fintech space to all involved players in the industry. You can know more about Fintechpodden on their website.  

As the interview began, Espen shared about his experience of working as well as travelling in Africa. He feels amazed to see how welcoming the African culture is. He also talked about the current financial situation in Africa and how Wakandi can play a key role to change it with the help of technology. 

Wakandi offers a DLT-based infrastructure for banks as well as financial institutions to transfer value and share data by connecting them on the network. The infrastructure is built on Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology created by Linux Foundation. 

During the session, Espen also shared his views on the latest market happening including, cryptocurrencies, Facebook’s Libra and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). He believes that the concept of CBDC is really interesting and may push innovation in the market. 

Sharing his experience, Espen said, “It was such a pleasure to be there and talking about Wakandi and what we are doing for the financially excluded in Africa.”

You can listen to the entire podcast on the platform of your choice. 


Google Podcast


We thank Fintechpodden and its whole team for inviting and making us a part of such a great session.