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As technology closes in to transform the finance world, we help SACCOS move from manual tasks to digital processes with CAMS. 

We have been exploring the financial sector and opportunities in Kenya for quite some time. We got a chance to meet government organizations, regulatory authorities, and SACCOS to present our system. It also enabled us to collaborate with various SACCOS and help them start their journey towards digitization. 

As we move closer to launching CAMS, we have started the onboarding process of 14000 members in the Meru region. We have also conducted demos and training sessions for the Kenyan SACCOS. Our team is working closely with them to digitize thousands of paper archives and files in order to bring their existing records onto the system.

We are helping them to register on the CAMS system. They will then be able to manage deposits and loan requests through their mobile phones. 


Moving to CAMS will significantly reduce the need for paperwork and manual processes. Furthermore, they can solve various challenges they currently face due to paperwork and manual efforts and achieve growth in many aspects.  

Data Accuracy – CAMS ensures better data accuracy for SACCOS as every transaction is recorded automatically. The records are readily available to view for all the admins. With everything recorded online, there will be fewer chances of errors.  

Manual efforts – Admins of SACCOS spend a lot of time recording transactions on physical documents. With CAMS, transactions and loan records are managed online without needing much human effort.  

Governance – Managing transactions and records online will bring better governance to SACCOS. CAMS gives them much better oversight and makes the administration of the SACCOS much more efficient. 

Socio-economic development – As SACCOS will be able to cut down both the time it takes and the amount of work that goes into daily operations, they can focus more on the upliftment of their members and offer better products and services. It will, in turn, ensure better growth and popularity of the SACCOS. 

Digitization has become more important than ever. We are out on the field and enabling SACCOS to leverage new technologies and digital systems. As a technology-driven company, bringing transformation to every corner is a significant step for us. We are constantly exploring the market looking for more SACCOS to join our system. We have already started on our journey and a lot is yet to cover.