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Bringing the power of technology to every person has been a key objective for us. We believe digitization can have a positive impact on the way people in the informal economy manage their finances. That is why we aim to offer our digital solution to every nook and corner of Africa with the help of local partners and service providers. With this aim, we have collaborated with Gampay Solutions Tanzania Ltd. 

With assistance from Gampay, we have conducted a training session with their sales team to get more SACCOs onboard in Tanzania. It was a two-day session for the salespeople to improve the market reach and sales productivity for our Wakandi App. 

Sales training with Gampay

Our Co-founder and Key Account Manager (KAM), Sele Mduda, conducted the training where he taught various sales techniques and presentation skills related to Wakandi. This would help them align their sales mindset and develop a uniform and effective technique to persuade the audience. During the training, Sele also focussed on providing a demo for Wakandi to the end-user to show what the solution can do. The demo can help any informal financial group (IFG) – 

  • understand the system and its various functionalities,
  • get onboard and start managing their finances.

Concluding the training session, Sele Mduda believes we are ready to reach multiple SACCOs in Tanzania. We can help them witness the power of digitization. It was a great opportunity for both organizations to meet and work together for better growth and development. Such collaborations can not only help us grow but also strengthen our business relations.

Now, we will move ahead with Gampay’s team to explore different regions in Tanzania. We will reach out to multiple SACCOs who still rely on manual processes to manage their operations. Our main goal will be to get them on board. 

Moving ahead

Technology is transforming the way we handle money and money transfers. 56% of adults in Tanzania are financially included. Mobile and mobile money adoption is at its peak. At Wakandi, we aim to utilize what is already working for the people and digitize savings and loans for thousands of informal financial groups.