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It is an honour to announce AfriMoney as our new partner in The Gambia. AfriMoney has now become one of the mobile money providers on our Credit Association Management System (CAMS). It is great news for users in The Gambia as they will be able to choose AfriMoney as their preferred mobile money provider to send and receive money online. 

AfriMoney is a mobile money service provided by AfriCell, which is amongst The Gambia’s biggest mobile network operators. It is also one of the fastest-growing telecommunication companies in Africa. Founded in 2001, AfriCell holds approximately 60% of the total market share in The Gambia and Sierra Leone.  

AfriCell announced AfriMoney, formerly known as AfriCell Money, in September 2020 to provide mobile money services in The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and DRC. It was a relaunch of their service with a faster and more secure platform, intended to support their growth ambitions. 

Expanding financial inclusion

AfriMoney aims to promote financial inclusion in the emerging markets by enabling online transactions through mobile wallets. This new partnership can give a boost to their efforts towards achieving the mission. “AfriMoney is proud to be working with GamPay CAMS because we too are dedicated to expanding financial inclusion. Mobile money services such as AfriMoney have a critical role to play in helping communities fulfil their economic potential in emerging markets. Through AfriMoney’s integration with GamPay CAMS, more Gambians will have access to banking products and mobile money services, which will boost both individual livelihoods and broader economic performance in The Gambia. Thank you for including us!”  

AfriMoney is the latest mobile money provider to integrate with CAMS after GamPay who joined in October last year. AfrMoney is integrating with CAMS through GamPay. Having them as our mobile payments partner is a significant step towards our journey to boost digital transformation in the informal economy. It can play a critical role in helping us to provide mobile payments, financial management, and other services to the informal financial groups in The Gambia. 

We have already accomplished all the technical operations and moved to the onboarding phase. With AfriMoney and GamPay onboard, we will be able to launch CAMS in The Gambia in a couple of months. We aim to capitalize on this opportunity to solve various challenges that IFGs in The Gambia face today. With CAMS, they will be able to deposit contributions, apply for loans, make payments and manage finances online. There will be no need to move out during this pandemic as everything will be done through mobile phones.

We are looking forward to launching our system in The Gambia. It will be an excellent opportunity for us to establish ourselves deeper into the market.